Arthritis vs. Disneyland

IMG_5836This past weekend, Hippo was off for 4 days. If your child is a LAUSD student, then you understand my pain. LOL! What can you do on a Friday with a high energy five year old where you can both have fun? You go to Disneyland! YUP! We sure did! All we had to pay for was lunch and a couple of treats because we purchased Annual Passholders last year that comes with parking. So, all I pay for is food at the park.

Everyone thought I was crazy for buying the passes, because who wants to be at Disneyland all the time. But listen, the bottom line is I cannot do an entire day at Disneyland without completely exhausting myself IMG_5839or having to leave early. One full day with park hopper tickets for two is over $300. Not counting parking, food, gifts, scooter/stroller rental, etc. etc. etc. Now with the pass we can go in short bursts, only pay for snacks and it’s rare that I hear, “Can I have? I want…” because we are there so often. We go whenever we want. If I’m feeling up for it then we go. Sometimes we spend a day, sometimes just the evening or the morning. Do we go all the time? No. We’ve actually only gone 20 times this past year. However, having paid for a $700 (at the time, now I think it’s a little over for the full, or $56 a month per pass), I got my money’s worth in 3 trips. Now it’s just icing! And essentially I have had $6420 worth of ticketed trips to Disneyland. Instead of putting the money into Starbucks or some other trivial thing, I put it into something that Jaxon loves. Having passes doesn’t take the magic away, he still tears up at the parade every single time. And most importantly, mommy isn’t knocking at death’s door the next day.


Friday we met up with my good friend, Kelly McKnight from Sincerely Mama and her kids who Hippo adores! This was my first major outing with my new Bugaboo Bee3. I usually have to rent a stroller at Disneyland because quite often my five year old is over the standing and I can’t put him up on my back. But also if you still have a disability pass, you can roll your kid right up to the handicap entrance. Which works perfectly for someone like me at the beginning of the Remicade drop off period where standing for 45 mins for Carsland Ride has a horrible ending. It also allowed for shade for Jax as we walked around the park or waited outside bathrooms, food lines, etc.

Vader down! Caught someone napping in line.
Vader down!
Caught someone napping in line.
fits perfectly on the tram

Now I am using the stroller on a five year old who is 46 inches tall and approx. 48-50lbs in weight. But the new Bee3 has a great wide seat that extends, and is still as cushy as Bugaboo strollers of the past. The back also extended for him, and when I reclined it slightly, it made it comfortable for Daddy long legs to sit. So, comfortable that he didn’t mind being in it or being seen it. You know, 5 year olds like to remind you frequently that they are no longer toddlers. But Hippo felt like the stroller was made for him because it accommodated his height and weight. I don’t have a tray on there because I was told that is what is on a baby’s stroller. However, I think I might get the snack/drink tray made for the Bee because it doesn’t enclose the child. It doesn’t have that baby stroller-esque feel, but he will still have a place to put his drink and snack. It also rotates and has a cover to prevent spillage. I am also thinking about the new comfort wheeled board (because it this “skateboard” as the kids call it, has a seat for when they are tired of standing) and a sun canopy. The heat on the west coast is lingering through September and October, and I’m afraid of

End of the night. Thank God Mommy didn't have to carry him.
End of the night. Thank God Mommy didn’t have to carry him.

Hippo, who already runs hot and gets bloody noses from the heat, will be too uncomfortable when I need him to be in the stroller. What I have now on the stroller is fantastic! I got the cup holder which snuggle fits cups without spillage. I didn’t spill an ounce of that much needed morning cup of Starbucks Blonde Roast from California Adventure! LOL! I also have the organizer. Now I love this thing!! I put mini bottles of water on the outer mesh pocket and inside I had our annual passholders ready to use for discounts & fastpasses throughout the park, snacks and a packet of NeatCheeks wipes. The basket underneath the stroller held my backpack and our jackets perfectly. And the part I loved the most…well maybe not the most, but it’s up there…is the seat lifting up so you can get into the basket as soon as possible. No back breaking moves to retrieve the bag. I also loved that I could fold up my stroller and it fit perfectly in the non stroller section of the tram with ease.

How do I keep costs down while in the park? I bring essentials like water & small snacks. Sometimes I will bring in a sandwich or something like that. It really just depends. Eating at Disney is one of the fun things about going to Disneyland. We love the fried chicken at The Plaza Inn or the Character Breakfast at The StoryTeller’s Cafe. Soup in a bread bowl is a must for my friend, Kelly. While Jax and I must have at least two churros before leaving the park. I use my annual passholder’s discount when possible stick with things that are uniquely Disney-esque and apart of the experience……well, except for Hot Dogs. Hippo says hot dogs taste better at Disneyland. OOOOOF Course they do! because they’re like $20! LOL! We also go to a pizza place outside of the park and down the street called, Pizza Press. The kids can make their own pizzas and they are very cheap! When we go there, everyone leaves happy!

All in all it was a great day! I’m so happy with my choice in stroller. It’s easy to maneuver with one hand. Easy to lift, fold, and most of all, Hippo loves it! Happy to be back in the Bugaboo family.