Soccer Balls, Shin Guards & Cleats…OH MY!

Today is the first day of practice for the Purple Dragons. Tomorrow…first game. I’m not a complete wreck because I do have a great assistant coach that actually played and knows the game better than I do. I’m excited, actually. The kids are pumped and I think it’s gonna be a great season!

Two things I am nervous about:


This ridiculous heat wave we have going on here in Los Angeles and the adverse affects it has on people with IBD and J-Pouches. It’s hard enough trying to stay hydrated without the insufferable weight of humidity and a blazing sun bearing down on your back.


Yesterday was infusion day. And today…I’m dragging. The day following the treatment is usually pretty hard. Sometimes I’m naseous and tired. Other times I have a headache and I’m tired. But no matter what, I’m always TIRED.

Remicade + Heat= Exhausted Coach

The plan is to continue living on Water and Gatorade today, throw some GoGo Squeez in the fridge for me and the kids for practice and wear shorts! I’m also going to buy a couple more misting fans and another cooling towel. It’s just necessary right now. I have to stay as cool as possible so I don’t pass out on anyone! Because that would NOT be good.

My family & friends have been very supportive. Even through the jokes, everyone has said they are happy I’m doing this. Coming out of my comfort zone, taking a chance and creating another precious bond between myself & Hippo. And at the same time slapping IBD and arthritis in the face! Just another thing I thought I couldn’t do because of my disease, that I’ve found a way to do. I guess I’m just putting parenthood first and disease second. Putting Me & Jax first! Nothing will get in the way of me being the best Mommy I can be…except for this dag on heat! LOL!