Happy Birthday, Hippo!

Dearest Hippo,

Today is our fifth anniversary. Around this time five years ago I was doing a lot of breathing in my hospital bed, surrounded by your grandparents & daddy and wondering what you were gonna look like. This little adventure we’ve been on has been a trip. Everyday you teach me something new about myself, life and love. You the absolute best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for making me a mommy. Thanks for being such a funny little weirdo. Thanks for being so brilliant and courageous. Thanks for being a good eater and cooperative. Thanks for being a good hearted person. I mean that truly. You are amazingly loving and caring. Don’t ever lose that willingness to help and provide for others. And thanks for saying that you’ll always be my baby, even when you’re eighty! I appreciate that!

These past few years have gone by so quickly and we have squeezed so many life changing events in them. I wouldn’t change a day. It brought us here.¬†Happy Birthday my little Hippo-Ma-Potomus! You Rock!